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2018-19 ASB Senior Elections' Items
2018-19 ASB Senior Elections’ Items

Pg. 1 - ASB President Candidate(s)

Amber Afzali

ALOHA HUSKIES!! My name is Amber Afzali and I want to be your 2018-2019 Associated Student Body President! Just last year, I had the incredible opportunity to serve as your ASB School Treasurer all because of YOUR votes, and it was an unforgettable experience! Throughout my term, I was spirited, responsible, levelheaded, optimistic, and dedicated! No matter how busy or stressful school and life became, I stuck beside Centennial and my peers with honor and integrity! I understand the changes necessary to make our school more exciting, fun and positive because of my current leadership roles. I firmly believe that serving others to make a positive impact is my true calling in life! I have participated in organizations and events across campus all throughout my high school career, and I want to encourage others to join clubs and be the change! I want to increase spirit, organization and kindness throughout Centennial at every level, and by doing so; I hope to create memories that will last a lifetime! OHANA means family, Huskies, and I want to create a sense of family at Centennial. I hope I get the chance to meet each and everyone of you throughout the next couple of weeks and before the end of high school. Huskies, with my leadership experience and with your votes, I know I can lead with pride, I will make us strong, if given the opportunity! Let’s answer the call and restore the heart of Centennial! Vote Amber Afzali for ASB President! Mahalo, Huskies!

Jefferson Macam

Hi everyone my name is Jefferson Macam, I’m running as your ASB President for the next school year. I’ve been in this program for only a year, and in the short amount of time I’ve had the privilege to learn from my experience. Being in ASB has let me be a part of something that can make a big difference within the student body here at Centennial. I feel like I fit the part of filling in the shoes to who will be our former President due to my involvement in extracurricular like: Filipino club, Key club, K-pop, and a few others. I commit and fulfill my job properly as a student. I’m also in leadership classes such as ASB, AVID, and participate in boys volleyball where I got a chance to challenge myself in many ways. As one of the few people to represent the whole student body, I’ll make sure that every students’ ideas/voices will be heard and try my best to be a leader within and beyond the campus. I believe that I’m unique in a way that I don’t act or describe myself as a perfect person, but rather show who I’m truly am to everyone I meet, be consistent with my manners and work ethics, and influence others in a positive way. In addition if I become an ASB president I’ll make sure that everyone will have a fun and exciting year with lots of great new ideas and activities. So please vote for me, Jefferson Macam, as your ASB president for the 2019 school year.

VOTE: ASB President

Pg. 2 - ASB Vice President Candidate(s)

Krystian Allen


Hi everybody, im Krystian Allen, an eleventh grader here at Centennial High, running for your executive board Vice President. Ive currently been in Asb for 1 year, and hoping for a second year being the voice of our student body. I want to be Vice President because i have a great load of love and zeal for Asb. I believe I'm a very hardworking, dedicated, wild, reliable, trustworthy, and fun person which are great traits to help lead next to an amazing President. I have a copious amount of new ideas and projects that could be brought to the table, also plenty of ways to improve your year here at Centennial. Being in Asb is a huge responsibility and seeing all the hard work and dedication that goes into it makes me grow a stronger love for it. Ive been in the crowd before and I've been one of you guys, I've always thought my say didn't matter or Asb was the one that called all the shots. But if i get elected as your Executive Board Vice President i would make it my main goal to be the voice of you, the students of Centennial High School. Thank you.

Gonzalo Baca

Hello fellow Huskies, I am Gonzalo Baca and I am running for ASB Vice President. I have been in ASB for two years meaning I have plenty of experience and the work ethic to take on this big task. I am taking four AP classes and I have 3 siblings to look after so I know I will be able to manage my time. As Vice president my priority is to encourage people to enjoy school. High school is what you make of it and if we all have a positive attitude we can create many memories that will last a life time. I cannot accomplish this on my own, that’s why I want to encourage you all to join a leadership program or a club. Let’s continue to make Centennial an amazing school! Go huskies!!

VOTE: ASB Vice President*

Pg. 3 - ASB Secretary Candidate(s)

Josh Conti


Hello Huskies!!! My name is Josh Conti and I want to be your 2018-2019 ASB Secretary. You may not know me very well, especially since I’m not exactly known for being the most popular, but I’m the one who works behind the scenes, writing scripts and designing the assembly! I am always frantically trying to make events spectacular so you all can leave high school, with long lasting spectacular memories!! Also, I already have a solid foundation in leadership, for I have been a part of ASB for 2 incredible years and have held many officer positions in various clubs across campus! But i’m not here today just to list all the things that make me eligible or qualified to run! I’m here to tell you what sets me apart from other leaders! Why am i unique? I continue to work hard day in and day out to go above and beyond so your high school years can be incredibly perfect! And at the end of each event, I don’t expect any recognition or reward! Why am I different? I lead with compassion in hopes to unite the student body, to grow, to prosper! I want to show the world that we are not just a school! We are a powerful community and a force to be reckoned with! Thank you!

Yesenia Ramirez

Hello Huskies! My name is Yesenia Ramirez and I am running for executive board secretary. I am currently in ASB and know how the position runs. I am maintaining a GPA of 4.0 while participating in other clubs and outside school activities. I am dedicated, persistent, hardworking, and thoughtful. I always put ASB above anything and that is why I believe I am best fit for this position.

VOTE: ASB Secretary*

Pg. 4 - ASB Treasurer Candidate(s)

Melanie Santamaria


Hi, my name is Melanie Santamaria and I hope to be your 2018-2019 ASB Treasurer. I believe that you should vote for me because I have the qualities to fulfill the responsibilities of this position. I have been in ASB for one year, completed IB MYP, and am currently on the water polo and swim teams. I understand that with a student government position comes a lot of responsibility. Part of that responsibility is being a good leader and role model even when no one is watching. I will meet those expectations. The most important thing to me as a leader is having the trust of my fellow peers. I want all of you to trust me, especially when it comes to financing your club and class budgets. When assisting your class officers in creating their budgets I will be sure we make the best decisions in order to ensure you all have the most memorable high school experiences possible. I will guide clubs financially in order for you to have the opportunity to be apart of something you’re passionate about on campus. If you elect me to be apart of your executive board I will do everything in my power to help make this upcoming year’s ASB stronger. I will lead by example. Thank you.

VOTE: ASB Treasurer*

Pg. 5 - Senior President Candidate(s)

Betty Teshome


I’m supposed to have it all figured out. Shocker I don’t. Pretend like I do and act better than everyone else, that I won’t. We’ve been here for 3 years, some of us more. The work load’s okay because I know who it’s all for. Senior year- I want to be the best there ever was. Senior nights, Sunrise, and Prom, all the best just cause. I want future classes to view our everything as their main goal. “Class of 2019”- their section, their spirit and their drive- never ever was it ever dull. We have the littlest class and that’s by a long shot. Can you imagine senior year?- That's our year to outshine, outwit and out-spirit by a lot, lot. I’m here to convey the message of why I’m running for our class’ presidency. I truly believe I’m the best candidate even though it may not be executed flawlessly. There may be bumps in the road, but nothing too big we can’t fix. I have drive, motivation, the skills and for sure a couple tricks. My name is Betty Teshome and I’m ready to be your senior president. Tell your dad, your mom and all your soon to be senior friends!

VOTE: Senior Class President

Pg. 6 - Senior Vice President Candidate(s)

Alberto Bahena

Hello Everybody! My name is Alberto Bahena and I would love to introduce myself to you guys and what position I am running for! I am an outgoing, spirited, dedicated student. I am currently involved in Renaissance Leadership, PossAbilities (Autism awareness) , Dawg pound and Junior Class council. I’m also really involved in volunteering for school activities such as harvest festival, Halftime show performances and etc. Academically I always strive for a 4.0 each semester and challenge myself by taking AP or Honors classes. As a normal student and not being in asb I happen to have the same perspective of how you guys see things and would love to see change or be implemented to benefit your senior year events. Although, this may be my 1st year I know I could bring a lot of new ideas to the table. I happen to have a lot of potential and know I could do things differently from what we’ve seen in the past and improve it for the senior class of 2019. The Senior Class Vice President requires someone who is truthful, reliable, passionate, dedicated, a role model, and the willingness to go out of your comfort zone. Taking on this important role it is also required that this person upholds great behavior at all times even outside of school. I know I have these characteristics and maybe even more such as being a hard worker, taking initiative, having determination and assertiveness. This is why I believe this is what makes me an excellent candidate. As Senior Class Vice President I will make sure your voices, ideas, and themes for events are listened to! As Vp my partner, class advisor and I will be able to coordinate your events and make them as memorable as can be. Also as senior class vice president I will make it a priority to always make sure there’s a class council meeting at least twice a month to inform you guys what’s happening and allowing you to input your thoughts and help us all come to an agreement. In the end of the day it’s your senior year and i plan to help make it outstandingly remarkable, unforgettable and also make sure you guys go out with a bang with lifelong memories! Don’t make the wrong choice and Vote Alberto Bahena for Senior Class Vice President!

Jessica Palacios

Hello huskies! My name is Jessica Palacios and I want to be your Senior Vice President. One of the reasons why I’m running for Senior Vice President is because I want to make our LAST YEAR of high school unforgettable. I have 4 years of leadership experience and have been your freshman and sophomore class secretary, and your Junior Vice President. I am also involved in our high school’s soccer team as well as club soccer. I am experienced, hardworking, dependable, outgoing, trustworthy, and easily approachable. I will listen to all your concerns and suggestions to make our class of 2019 fun and memorable. As your vice president I will stand beside your president and make sure that we have the best last year of high school yet, starting from the first day of school to our graduation, plus so much more. So make sure you make the right choice and vote Jessica Palacios as your Senior Vice President to have an amazing last year together.

VOTE: Senior Class Vice-President*

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